I designed a broschure for the band Jerusalem and their campaign “Co-runners” It evolves around that fans become ambassadours for the band and promote them in different ways so that Jerusalem will be picked up at the bigger festivals and Rock Happenings that attracted a secular crowd. The covers shows a “co-runner” stepping out on an old Nordic map, into Sweden. The work was done in Photoshop and InDesign. To see the trailer, see other post below. Click to images to enlarge.

To download co-runner broschure, go to: http://www.jerusalem.se/corunner/corunner_2010.pdf


Found a old video I worked on some years ago. It’s the disco band Alcazar with the song ” We keep on rockin” I edited some of the video, made the intro and added some effects.

Click image to see the video>>

I Just finished animating an intro for the band Jerusalem with Ulf Christiansson. They are looking for co-runners to join them to bring out their music. Click the image to see the trailer>>

The film shows a sword coming from Heaven impacting the top of the Nordic countries. From there co-runners come out of a blazing fire sending flaming swords over the nation to impact it. Enjoy!

The intro was animated in After Effects, images designed in Photoshop and edited all together in Premiere.