Just finished making a poster for “Let’s Rock the House” and Event taking place in Gothenburg during the summer. Did a collage of a exploding swedish summer house filled with buildings from Gothenburg. I’m really happy with the results.

lets Rock the House

lets Rock the House


Här är 3 st nya panorama bilder frö Motionsexperten. Målet var att visa att vi väljer ut utrustningen, är personliga och experter och det vi gör.

I have had the privilege to design the cover for a book on the call to war. Warrior women Arise is written by Amanda Goransson, a regular mom who wants inspire ordinary women to rise up out of the ordinary and take a stand. It’s not a feministic piece but rather one written with supernatural and spiritual perspectives and dimensions. To stand up alongside their men to fight against the forces that entangle families and wear them down. Together with the cover we also designed a homepage + some material of a social media campaign. For more information go to: www.warriorwomenarise.com Warrior women Arise is released on the 26 of November 2010.



October 29, 2010

Two film poster I made many years ago, for a film that never got produced. Unfortunatly.

An old poster i made for our film school project.


October 29, 2010

I designed a broshure for a friends whos Dad once invented a lift for roof tiles. A real smart construction that helps to lift the tiles up the roof.

We just lauched the TRX & Flowin on our website and so I made these commericals for our blog to give viewers a visual of the product and add some information in a nice way.