Made a trailer for the book ” Warrior women Arise” Check it out, click the image to see it>>


We did a video for a debute artist named Nikolina with her hit “stranded”. After 3 weeks of editing we got stuck in the edting with a bad cut. we decided to go acid and reverse clips + do a split screens. Although the song and artist and no were near my top 10 list, i’m very satisfied with the edit I did on this one. click the image to see the video >>

I found a mucis video I edited in 2004 for Zandra,” I’m your woman” Here debut single. Click the imges to see the video>>

I'm your woman

Found a old video I worked on some years ago. It’s the disco band Alcazar with the song ” We keep on rockin” I edited some of the video, made the intro and added some effects.

Click image to see the video>>

I Just finished animating an intro for the band Jerusalem with Ulf Christiansson. They are looking for co-runners to join them to bring out their music. Click the image to see the trailer>>

The film shows a sword coming from Heaven impacting the top of the Nordic countries. From there co-runners come out of a blazing fire sending flaming swords over the nation to impact it. Enjoy!

The intro was animated in After Effects, images designed in Photoshop and edited all together in Premiere.


October 29, 2009

This is the music video for “Hero” for Europe. Click the image to see the video>>


Mole: Say my name

October 10, 2009

Debut video for Mole, a group from Gothenburg. Click the images to see the music video>>

Mole video plate