Fire Of Changes 2012

August 13, 2012

I piece I designed for the event ” Fire of Changes” 2012 taking place in Göteborg, Sweden

” As the anguished prayers reached the Heavens, the Lion of Judah roared over the land from the peaks of Mount Zion. Then liquid fire began to flow, smashing the walls of captivety that had surrounded the land. The time had come and the hour was at hand…if my people will turn from there wicked ways, then I will come and heal their land”


PHOTOS – Future Soldier

October 29, 2010

Old photos of my younger brother dressed in styrofome and sunglasses. Love these shots.

PHOTOS – Weddings

October 29, 2010

Wedding photos of friends:

PHOTOS – Foggy Lindome

October 29, 2010

Some photos taken a foggy day here in Lindome.

Found some old but really nice Photoshop composets I did for a swedish band called Weeping Willows and their press release.

Another postcard for the people at ID säkerhet Örebro. Click to enlarge>>

E-handelbutik Broschure

April 8, 2010

Did a broschure for a friend of mine working at meant to be distributed as a flyer. See the different designs>>